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colinarchy Minecraft server

About mcanarchy

Colinarchy is a new anarchy server founded 7/april/2020 by Colifto. (server was re-named to MC anarchy on 26/may/2020)

MC anarchy has no rules, simply join and have fun.
The possibilities are endless on the server, you can grief, cheat, etc. or maybe you just want to peacefully play with your friends, just make sure you are far enough from spawn!

Join by simply typing
 in direct connect.

WHY PLAY MC anarchy?
The server is always up and there is no queue like on 2b2t, we have decent hardware
so we can provide our players with higher server tps and less server lag.
Unlike other anarchy servers there is also no actual anti-cheat so you can enjoy pretty much all your client has
to offer , there are only some custom plugins that limit specific "hacks" that could harm the server.
About mcanarchy

Discord and contact

Discord and contact
Join our Discord server for server updates, information and events. We also have a ''looking-for-group''
channel where you can meet new friends to play with on our server!


If you want to contact us for partnership, sponsorship, etc. Contact us on: 

make a donation

Donations have moved and are now completely anonymous, you are only required to enter you minecraft username.

Here is the link to the donations site: (CURRENTLY DOWN)

Forums closed

We decided to close our forums since we did not get enough users to be actually using them.

It wasn't worth keeping them up so they are now closed until further notice,

please understand why we did this. If you have any questions, ask us in our discord server.